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Above Titanium T Bar

Above Titanium T Bar

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The Above Libra Titanium T bars are manufactured from seamless grade 9 titanium tubing, which has one of the highest strengths to weight ratios of any metal alloys, meaning that our bars are very strong and very light. The bars are TIG welded together in a carefully controlled environment, where no oxygen is allowed to enter and react with the molten titanium, ensuring pure and strong oxide free welds. 

The tubing is carefully CNC engraved with Above branding, which provides a clean, permanent and sleek look to your bars. We have also machined in some guidelines at the crossbar ends to help with accurate and easy cutting down (spaced at 5mm [0.2”] each side). 

The Above team have thrashed these bars for the last year and have received the seal of approval from them. 

  • 700mm high x 600mm wide
  • Oversized SCS compatible
  • CNC engraved Logos 
  • Raw titanium only
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