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Longway Defender Black - Double Clamp

Longway Defender Black - Double Clamp

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The DEFENDER clamp has a fresh, new design with chamfered edges. Its triple V-shape in the front is inspired by the RIG (Resource Integration Gear) from the DEAD SPACE trilogy. It weighs only 50 grams and has extra inserts to prevent the threads from stripping. It is designed for oversized bars but comes with a shim to make it suit to standard bars as well.

  1.  Clamp inner diameter: 32 mm (Regular), 35 mm (Oversized)
  2.  Clamp size: Double
  3.  Shim: Included
  4.  Weight: 50 g
  5.  Compression system included: No
  6.  Material: Aluminium 6061
  7.  Starnut: Not included
  8.  Compression Bolt: Not included
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