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Longway Titanium Kronos T-Bar 650mm

Longway Titanium Kronos T-Bar 650mm

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The new Longway titanium bar is called “KRONOS” like the Titan God of time in the Greek Mythology. It stands for highest quality, strength and eternity. It is strong and super light! It comes with a unique laser engraving logo design. It is designed for HIC compression with a clamp slit but our special bar adaptor makes it usable also for SCS compression. 

Model: 650 mm
Weight: 878 g, 927 g
Compatible with: Standard HIC, SCS
Bar-end compatible with: Aluminium, Steel
Bar height: 650 mm
Bar width: 610 mm
Bar material: Titanium
Bar outer diameter: 35 mm (Oversized)
Bar inner diameter: 32 mm
Bar design: Two-piece
Backsweep: No
SCS sleeve included: Yes

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