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Longway Scorpion - Single Wheel

Longway Scorpion - Single Wheel

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The SCORPION dual core is a unique technical achievement. Inspired by high-end sports car wheels we brought this highly complex core structure to the scootering scene! 20 supports of 10 parallel twin spokes provide a light weight and high strength.

Unique core geometry

Turbine shaped twin spokes
Anodized core with high precision milled surface structure
High speed ABEC-9 bearings

Bearings and spacers: included
PU hardness: 88A
Core design: dual core, twin-spoked
Wheel diameter: 110 mm
Weight: 235 g
Core material: aluminum 6061, T6 heat treated
Wheel profile: round
Bearing precision: ABEC-9
Bearing size: 608
Wheel hub width: 24 mm
Axle diameter: 8 mm

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