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PROTO – Saturn TDI DEX (Raw)

PROTO – Saturn TDI DEX (Raw)

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The Saturn 6 DEX are the pinnacle of our TDI Deck Lineage; 11 years in the making since the very first 6″ wide TDI PROTOtype was made. The Saturn is more stable in grinds than the Space 5 and the Eclipse 5.5 but it has less clearance when turning and carving due to the added width. Larger diameter wheels can aide ground clearance.

The top of the deck has a brand new feature we call the Arch-Bar that is created by a design we call the Drop-Top where we Drop the Top of the 2 outer channels below the center channel creating a center ridge for extra traction and to reduce weight. RAW Brushed Finish with BLACK Laser Engraving gives these decks a look all their own and does not require you to break in your new deck by wearing down the paint or anodize to get it grinding good!

Longer [Deck-Ends] are now available for this wider model and ALL previous versions of the TDI Orion NEX are compatible with the Saturn 6.

#PROTOSaturn DEX are now available in the PROTO Store and through our loyal dealer network.


  • Made of T6061 Aluminum
  • Lasered Graphics
  • Compatible with all TDI components
  • Made in California
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