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Striker Lux IHC Fork

Striker Lux IHC Fork

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Striker Lux IHC Fork


Wheel diameter: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm

Compatible with: IHC

Wheel hub width: 24mm

Fork length: 150mm

Weight: 10.72oz

Fork design: One-piece

Wheel profile: Round

Fork type: Threadless

C-ring: Aluminum

Material: Aluminum 6061

Crown race: Included

Material Treatment grade: T6

Wheel offset: 10mm

Axle: Included

Axle diameter: 8mm

Frame Spacer type: Built-in

Compression system included: IHC

Starnut: Built-in

Compression Bolt: IHC

Compression Bolt length: 60mm

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